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Victorinox 47600 – 3.25-Inch Paring Knife w/ Nylon Handle Review

It’s not much to look at. In fact, it looks downright disposable. But the knife is sharp, and the blade is sturdy, but flexible. The handle is a nylon handle, and the knife’s size is feels great in the hand. At, we’ve worked with a lot of paring knives. This is our favorite.

The Victorinox 47600 is an amazing little tool that we think every single kitchen should have. All those full-tanged knives with solid handles are far more heavy than we liked. The blades were thick and completely inflexible. Honestly, we didn’t know how much we liked the flexibility until we’d used a knife with more give than we expected. Most of us are familiar with those fancy knife-block paring knives. But this knife out-performs any of the little knives we tried in this category.

Much like our favorite 10-Inch Chef’s Knife by the same company, this knife feels great in the hand. It is close to the palm. And it’s sharp. Like, really sharp. It’s unbelievably sharp, durable, and effective for the price.

Most of the knives in this category are frustratingly expensive. After all, let’s agree, these little knives are like a toothpick’s worth of steel. They are already small. One would expect them to be cheap. Yet, the big brands sell these knives for $30 to $100. In our opinion, this knife outperforms all of the knives in those other categories. And at a price tag of between $3 and $6, this knife is a real winner. While the knife will last a long time, if you do end up sharpening it to a toothpick, its price makes it an easy knife to dispose of and replace. We never thought we’d recommend a knife because you can throw it away. But, let’s be honest, the paring knife is the workhorse of the kitchen. It gets used a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one that’s as great as any paring knife you could buy while also being such a value that you have no issue replacing it?

While sometimes paying more gets you more, in the case of your paring knife, that simply isn’t the case. If you are willing to go the a la carte route in knife block building, this is the knife for you.